I Did Not a Thing to Deserve This Blessed Glass.

Most of us are familiar with the old metaphor about life, saying that the glass is either empty or half full. I think the thing we so often forget is that God wasn't obligated to give us life. That makes me extremely thankful for it.

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Guys i made a dark chocolate souffle!!!

Perhaps we could push beyond these legalistic gender roles if we spent less time worrying about “acting like men” and “acting like women,” and more time acting like Jesus.
— Rachel Held Evans (via yesdarlingido)


This is so important, guys.

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You keep telling me to be glad for what we had while we had it. That the brightest flame burns the quickest.

Which means you saw us as a candle. And I saw us as the sun.
— Iain Thomas; I Wrote This For You (via christopherevan)


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And today i learned

That as well as being in the rock & roll hall of fame, Tom Waits has also been given the key to the city of El Paso.

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Life lessons.

I think I’m going to spend some time practicing and thinking of words/poems to rap and learn to rap, but not really with the intent to rap, but just be able to talk really fast, you know? I also need to dust off my piano lessons in my mind and incorporate my ukulele plus friends because I really enjoy talk music and think it would be fun to make some.

Plus I’ve kinda noticed that Listener, MeWithoutYou, and La Dispute, as well as other talk music sorta bands are mostly male… plus i just think rap without synthesized music and adding banjos and all sorts of instruments is fun. And that’s one way of getting around worrying if i sing well, just rap instead.

But all of this is just thought and i don’t intend to ever get famous (but who does in talk music? Lol) plus the time to build something like this. Oh, dreams are fun.

And just because i think it, it doesn’t mean my way is the only/right way.

And just because i think it, it doesn’t mean my way is the only/right way.

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So i stumbled upon a controversial website tonight while doing some google searching about the rumor of mexico planning to annex the us southwest. Anyhow, it got me to thinking about racism, and what it is really. And how people are prone to tribalistic tendencies and multiculturalism and seperatism and blah blah blah. Yes, people do divide themselves based on similar tastes, styles, (i mean just remember middle school and high school!) and often feel threatened by change and differences. But we don’t have to be, because if someone does something differently than you it doesn’t immediatly make one way better and one way inferior. That is something which appears to be forgotten in many situations. You also do not need to take it upon yourself to “fix” their “problems and situations”. And really, say you were a person born in Houston, where you grew up around people who didn’t all have the same color, wouldn’t you be more comfortable in your hometown with all it’s/their familiarity rather than just your race? I can understand to an extent tribalism probably stemmed from clans and family groups but we don’t have to be that way. Anymore, faraway people with your race or ethnicity or whatever term applies are complete strangers and you only have so much in common. Well, unless you were the majority in your hometown. i don’t know, maybe because i don’t have xenophobia or maybe because i never lived anywhere for more than 6 years to establish roots somewhere but if I’ve learned anything it’s that we haven’t got to waste so much time being afraid and that they aren’t here to take over or change how i do things. But if you were far from home, wouldn’t you want a little bit of familiarity somehow? And yes, we all should try to communicate and yes, we do have a common government that shouldn’t be swayed any direction at all (but it is, it is). But i bet if we all stopped worrying and not try to “fix anyone” we could be a much happier planet.

  • Me: in my dream a few days ago, we were all eating eggplant.
  • Dad: well you can leave that in your dreams.
Found on a friend’s facebook.

Found on a friend’s facebook.

If people see and complain about corruption in the government then why do they still use the government’s system and expect a change?

Or if someone could tell me how my vote actually makes a difference, that’d be a great and appreciated answer too.

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