I Did Not a Thing to Deserve This Blessed Glass.

Most of us are familiar with the old metaphor about life, saying that the glass is either empty or half full. I think the thing we so often forget is that God wasn't obligated to give us life. That makes me extremely thankful for it.

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My stomach is empty but my heart is full, so very full!

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The (Im)Possibility of “Christian Conservatism”


The terms “Christian” and “conservative” have almost become synonymous to most people, especially in America. It’s hard for most people to picture Christianity in our context without having a certain, “conservative” image in their head—and vice versa. Not only are many Christians considered conservative, but most conservatives are in fact Christians. 

This is taken to be the norm for Christianity. But what if, in fact, the idea of “Christian Conservatism” is antithetical to the very nature of Christianity?

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Wow, this spells out those thought pictures i had about it in the back of my head i couldn’t put words to. It makes so much sense.



I want to buy something online, but I used up my credit limit.

I suggest that sending extremely inappropriate ”romantic” messages to a 17 year old girl while you are in your late 20s to early 30s is not a viable alternative. So you need to quit that immediately please. Thank you. 

Anonymous said: wait were you serious about that guy i'm so confused??? was that a joke????


I was serious. Look at the last post I reblogged. He is being tremendously inappropriate and Maerin (sadmomhair) is rightly freaked out and disturbed by it. Especially since he’s doing it while running a “Christian blog”. No surprise that he doesn’t have messaging on. But let people know about this. It isn’t okay.

That’s not what life is supposed to be!

Hating yourself is worshipping the wrong god.
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I really wish I knew what compelled you to send these completely inappropriate messages to a 17-year-old girl. I do not find this endearing at all. In fact, this kind of shit terrifies me to the point where I can barely type. I don’t know what made you think it was a great idea to send these messages to someone who the law considers a child, so let me explain this to you piece by piece since you don’t seem to get it.

1. “Hi Maerin, I want to write to you, because I know this is going to make my day.” in other words, "Hi Maerin, I want to write to you so I can project all of my messed up fantasies on you, but make them sound innocent enough to maybe trick you into thinking this shit is endearing. It’s gonna make my day!!"

2.”The first time I saw you on tumblr, I didn’t feel anything. But as I saw you more, I found that you are very attractive.” more like, "The first time I saw you on tumblr, I didn’t find you as attractive. But as I saw you more, and the closer you got to 18, I found it acceptable to wanna get with you!"

3. “I wanted to hold you and kiss you. Don’t worry, I will not do that without your consent.” yeah okay that totally doesn’t sound like “I fantasized about you but definitely stopped at holding and kissing ;) and I’m just gonna add something about your consent in here so I don’t sound like a predator.”

4. “But there is more than a 10 years age gap between us. And I am not handsome or anything. So I think I don’t have a chance.” “I was born before your parents even met and I was in the fifth grade as your mother was birthing you. But you know what? I don’t think I’m good looking so that’s probably why you wouldn’t want to date me.”

5. "But I want to let you know the someone admires you." oh, really? “I want to let you know that even though you don’t know me and we’ve never spoken, I fantasize about you, a literal child.”

6. “I don’t know if my feelings toward you are going to be replaced by another woman. It probably will.” “This lust towards you is temporary and I’ll be moving onto the next internet girl soon. Maybe someone closer to my age this time? Nah.”

7. “Anyways, I hope that you will succeed in all your plans. I want to say that I love you, but I think that is only because you are attractive. I will leave it here.” “Anyways, I’m gonna make this sound formal and civil, almost like a teacher saying goodbye to the student who got him fired. Also, I love you. Wait no. It’s because I want to have sex with you. What’s that called again? OH YEAH. LUST. Alright, bye!”

8. “I want to see you smile from your heart more often. I believe you will be happily married in the future, no need to rush.” “I’m just gonna say something about you smiling from your heart because, like I said before, I want this message to trick you into thinking I’m a nice, lonely guy ;) You’ll be happily married in the future. I say in the future, because even if you wanted to, we couldn’t get married because you’re legally unable!”

I’m not even going to try to talk about the other two messages. Just please leave me the hell alone. It’s enough that I get catcalled on a daily basis in person, but then I come online to see some sick grown ass man harassing me.

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I’ve had some people apologize to me for stuff, people who really don’t believe that they were worth my forgiveness. And that’s how some of us view God. We’re sorry, but we really don’t believe we’re worth His forgiveness. And that’s traps us into a lifestyle of works and religion and not…


Therefore, you are not nothing. Bam.


Here and There in Aram Chaos

So, Mars is a neat looking world!


Under the Cliff


Under the Cliff

So yes, obviously this is a professional photo and maybe the child was posing but that is not the issue here. The issue is that there are kids who are orphans and never meet their parents. This is enough to make you cry and enough is too much!

So yes, obviously this is a professional photo and maybe the child was posing but that is not the issue here. The issue is that there are kids who are orphans and never meet their parents. This is enough to make you cry and enough is too much!

So i was holding a little spice jar in my hand that had thyme in it and was like, “Daddy, i don’t need sleep because i have thyme on my hands.”

Then i dropped it. He laughed and observed, “well it just slipped out of your hands.”